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Okay, so...apparently, because I didn’t make Malcolm in Ranger’s Pet a cookie-cutter, geek stereotype, my book was “misleading” and worthy of a one-star rating on Amazon. The fact that Malcolm is an alpha male in between the sheets discredited him as a geek. Oh, and get this...according to this person, LARPing and RPGing are NOT... Continue Reading →

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Toy Review: 6″ Vibrating Dildo with Balls 😘

Hello, my darlings!😘 Welcome to my second toy review! Since I didn't get any comments to the contrary after my first review, I'm going to go ahead and grace you with another! So, without further delay, here we go! I freaking LOVE this vibrator that I just got! It’s freaking AMAZEBALLS...pun intended.😏 Seriously, where do... Continue Reading →

📖Book Review: Rescued by Qaiyaan📖

Hello, my darlings!💋 Today, I'm bringing you a review of Rescued by Qaiyaan, by Tamsin Ley. This book is the first in the Galactic Brides series, and it is just a wonderful start to what is promising to be a great science fiction romance series! Seriously...I'm not kidding. By the way, I should definitely clear something up... Continue Reading →


Hello, my darlings!💋 The edits for Beast's Beloved (still the working title) are done, and I am putting the finishing touches on the little surprise I have planned as a special bonus for the book! 😘 Beast's Beloved is also going to be slated for an end of May/beginning of June release! Does it feel as far away... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Mates for Monsters

Hello, my darlings! 💋 Welcome to my second review! I feel like I should take a moment to mention that my reviews will NEVER contain spoilers. Now that you know that, we can continue onward! Today's review is a quartet! Technically, it's a trio, but I'm including the novella that can be downloaded as a... Continue Reading →

Blog Updates!

Hello, my darlings! 💋 I have news! In addition to using it as a platform to pimp out my books while talking about my writing process, I have decided to also start doing some reviews on my blog. After all, my blog is called the Kinky Shelf... And, shelves are known to have multiple things... Continue Reading →

📖 Book Review: “Thanemonger” 📖

Hello, my darlings! 💋 Welcome to my first book review! 😘 Today, I bring you Thanemonger, book 1 in the Ladyships series. Written by new author, Bex McLynn, Thanemonger is a science fiction romance that by no means skimps on either action or drama, but that's not all. The humor, the feel-good moments, and the well-rounded characters... Continue Reading →

📖 Book Review: Elemental Hearts 📖

Hello, my darlings! 💋 Once again, I've got a multiple-book review for you! 😘 (Again, spolier-free!) Today's review is on the Elemental Hearts series by Jayelle Morgan. A truly unique paranormal/sci-fi romance series that tells the individual stories of Elementals from another dimension finding love while tirelessly (and secretly) protecting earth from the evil Chaolt who... Continue Reading →

Thoughts and Ideas…

Hello, my darlings!💋 As the saying goes...there's no rest for the wicked, and I think that writers can really relate to this. Even while we work on one project, the wheels never truly stop turning and churning out ideas for possible future works. Case in point, while I was writing Beast's Beloved, I was already... Continue Reading →

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